January 11, 2008

The WalinWell, now a year of blogging has come and gone. Time flies, fun or not. You get old, like it or not. You love, like it or not. You lose, like it or not. But sometimes you’ll get a tiny glimpse at something that makes it all seem not as bad. A faint shimmer of hope. I’m sure this means I will be blogging for another year. Like it or not.

To those who’ve been reading this whole time, or most of it, thanks. To those coming here for porn by mistake, piss off. As a reward to those who’ve been around that long and don’t know me from anything else here’s a photo. Now you know what the Walin looks like, and no I don’t smile for photos. How Myspacesque of me, no?

Thanks again for sticking around.



  1. This is what real emo looks like.

  2. If you could see more of my arm you’d the scars on my wrists. THAT is real emo.

  3. Some girls dig emo, I dig scars.

    I like the “I’m somewhat clean shaven, but not all the way” look. very sexy

  4. Hopefully you mean on me, and not just in general. 😛 I tested that with a panel of women I know, with a few random passers by for more truth, and the verdict is I can pull it off.

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