shave and a haircut

January 8, 2008

Well, a haircut moreso than a shave. For those not in the know, and who would be without seeing me in person, my hair was pretty long. Scraggly. My beard was unkempt. Bushy. I was in desperate need of a haircut, and women in my world never let me forget it. The ex, my mother, the hot chick I smoke with at work. All of them would tell me to cut it for a while now. Finally, if only to shut them up, I did.

I can never remember the name of the place I’ve gone for my last two, but they did an amazing job both times and for less than most places. They ask ‘What do you want?’ and I say ‘Honestly, do what you think would look best’ and they get this light in their eyes. Then the cutting begins, and as my head feels a bit lighter with every snip I smile too.

Reception of my new ‘do has been great. Some comments include ‘Wow!’ from the ex, ‘I love it!’ from Heather at the Hookah Juice show, and a confusing ‘It’s very 2008’ from Chef Brittney at work. All in all, I am happy with it and that’s what matters. I even use some ‘product’ on it. What can I say, except I like the idea of looking good and being fashionable but lack the dedication most days. And I do look damned good, thank you.

The beard will stay for a while too. Since shaving it has grown in and is short but neat. Sculpted with a razor it does not pass my chin to creep down the neck. After some survey conduction I have decided to keep it that way. That is beside the fact that when I look in the mirror I feel sexy. Something rare most days.

Since then I believe I’ve caught a few women doing double takes, was possibly innapropriately accosted by Nate’s neighbot at the Hill, and women in general seem much more receptive to my flirtings. The best was the ex’s wow, however. Something deeply satisfying about that. Then again, she always made me feel sexy even when I know I wasn’t.

It almost makes me want to toss up a pic for those that don’t know me in real life, or haven’t seen one in a while. Then again, I kind of like the mystery factor of it. The relative anonymity. Unless the masses (all three of you) demand it.



  1. I DEMAND IT. I haven’t seen a recent one. I almost said something perverted but Dan is sitting next to me and I became guilty so I deleted it.

  2. I only ever think of the picture of you with a buzz cut, so yeah. Put a picture up.

  3. Josy – Guilty, love? GUILTY? I cal shenanigans! I request.. no, I require.. no I DEMAND perversity from you!

    Cormag – That’s the one most people have seen. lol

    I probably will, when I get a decent photo taken. Besides, I have a feeling Charming’s been trolling and is curious as well. 😛

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