Summer Glau

January 4, 2008

Summer Glau plays River Tam on Firefly. I am upset they didn’t mention this when talking to her on KTLA this morning. Screw The Sarah Connor Chronicles, she’s a Big Damn Hero!

I ❤ Summer Glau.



  1. i have to agree. although i kinda like the chronicles, Firefly was, and still is my fav show! and, i too, luv Summer Glau!

  2. ok

  3. You can like both, But i;d rather a new Firefly but til than SCC will have to do

  4. Honestly, I caught the tail end of this week’s episode where she’s doing ballet in the room by herself. Beautiful! But then again they ALWAYS take advantage of her ballet skills, so it’s kind of cliche.

    ‘Look Summer Glau! Bet she does ballet in this one!’
    ‘What’s it about?’
    ‘A zombie police officer back for revenge against the robot mafia.’
    ‘She the zombie?’

  5. Incredible talent going to waste.

    Don’t get me wrong I love the work that Summer Glau does but I have to admit she would have done sooooo much better if Firefly was actually continued like it should have been.

    That aside I suppose my opinion is probably a little biased I mean even though her character was easy to understand (to the point that 14 episodes allow you to understand) it had a “TON” of possible depth and character given the other characters in the series. Fallon was the only drawback that I had seen (aside from the futuristic “gunslinger” mentality + the ridiculous laser sounds accoumpanied by his pistol/whipping style.)

    In closing. I love this seires and all characters played/represented and I pray to the almighty donought king that everyone has a succsessful carreer in Firefly/Serenity and somehow this series is revived with time to spare.

  6. she’s good in every programme she’s in. she’s more known as cameron in terminator now.

  7. I wanna fuck summer, are there no naked pics of her!

  8. I wouldn’t totally mind draping my cock across that huge forehead of hers

  9. Huge forehead!?! dumbass. She should do some penthouse shoots for me.

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