i still have a bite mark

January 1, 2008

I went out for New Year’s Eve and it was an interesting night. Expect the details to unravel over a few days while I try to sift through the haze of alcohol and remembe them. The title is true, however, as I found teeth marks near my nipple this afternoon (the day spent napping and puking as necessary). No, I did not get laid last night, only bitten on the left breast.

At some point after the 6th beer, or perhaps the 5th glass of champagne, or maybe the shots of Wild Turkey I was forcibly given by my singer Nate’s girlfriend Carrie (Yes forcibly, as my hair was pulled, tilting my head back, and a glass pressed to my mouth and upturned left me no choice but to drink or drowned in bourbon) I began speaking in a bad Irish accent.

I met a guy named Joe and his wife, whose name I never caught. Joe’s wife is a sleep specialist and we had fun discussions about circadium rhythms and such. I also remember the way her breasts felt on my arm when she hugged me goodbye.

During a discussion of piercings I was able to touch a very hot chick twice. Not in the fun places, but it was nice nonetheless.

Somebody may have grabbed my ass.

Carrie bit me. Hard.

At midnight I called LA to wish her a Happy New Year. She called this morning, but that’s another post entirely.


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