still illin

December 27, 2007

Like a villain. Yah, I’m real street. I am still under the effects of the flu, or plague, or whatever I have. I am much better, but I did come home from work and call in to Kroger yesterday. Another day of recovery and i should be fine.

I was chatting with Charming last night. She is always so pleasant. We actually invented a game, so be on notice we will sue your pants off if you steal it, pun intended.  Strip Scrabble. After a few minutes discussing the possible rules, we came up with a solid set of them. Very simple really. If Player A scores more points on a word round(a round being one turn each player) Player B must remove an article of clothing, and vice versa. The exception being if a player can spell an article of clothing to be removed, which would trump a higher score and that article must be removed that round. As I told her, I’d be impressed if I could spell panties either way. Strange conversation yes, but you had to be there. I assure you it was with all innocence and nothing perverted happened.

Today, I’m at work, coughing less, and getting back into the routine. The Holidays are a hard time to stay focused at work anyways.

Hope you all had a good Christmas, Hannukah, or whatever your winter celebration of choice is.


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