weekend update

December 24, 2007
  • I am sick. Possible sinus infection. Yay. The bonus is that I have this nice Barry White sounding voice for a few days.
  • I went out with friends on Friday night. Broke a nail bowling, lost hearing in my left ear for a day from standing to close to the speakers, and danced like a fool to some hardcore/metal bands. Had a hangover the next day, too. Was a good time.
  • Started work on a new song, and am happy with it so far.
  • Nate wanted to introduce me to a chick again. Luckily, she broke up with her boyfriend. Nate lol
  • I went to finish wrapping presents yesterday for my son. Thusly I discovered I lost my tape. GG Wailin. SO now I have to buy tape and wrap them today. I was hoping to get a turkey breast and make dinner tonight for wen he comes over, but Kroger is sold out. GG Wailin. I also have no food in my apartment. GG Wailin.
  • I purchased, for myself, The Princess Bride 20th Anniversary Edition. I still love this movie. It’s one of those that just sticks with me over the years as one of the best movies ever made.
  • I haven’t played WoW for any significant time in a week. The guitar has taken over.
  • Ron Paul is on Meet the Press. He makes me laugh.
  • The rest was rather uneventful.

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