four hours of downtime

December 20, 2007

So yesterday I posted I felt like shit. I would have elaborated a bit, but the mood changed when the office’s network died. So for four hours we did nothing but bullshit, which included inserting myself into various small clusters of conversation. This meant Plain Jane’s group as well, where most of the time was spent. Along with plain jane is the new first shift cutie. It did allow more opportunity to find out things about her. She’s a pretty cool chick so far.

It’s funny how things work in this office though. It seems there are a bunch of little 2 to 4 person groups, but nobody really knows many outside their group. I spit in the face of that limitation, absorbing others into mine or inserting myself into theirs. There’s a trend here to stay closed up and not talk to people. Normally I’d go right along, but I always look for new groupies. Sometimes they work out, sometimes they don’t, but usually even if they don’t fit in the group they stay as acquaintances.

Say what you will about me, but when I want to I can be the smooth talking, funny, social butterfly we all aspire to be sometimes. Take that back, it’s not when I want to be, but when I stop caring and just be me. Again, say what you will but I’m pretty fucking awesome if I’m allowed to not worry about making an impression.

Course, dropping ‘Fuck’ into your sentences randomly (yes, Fuck, with a capitol F for importance that is clear through my annunciation of the word) isn’t always the best way to make new friends. I believe I told several of the new people (including the new cute chick) to fuck off at one point, though jokingly.

All in all, yesterday was a pretty good day. Today will be better, as I get paid, am off work at Kroger, and get to see my son.


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