hypomania now

December 17, 2007

Now, perhaps it’s the extra time out of work. Perhaps it’s hypomania. Then again it could be all the coffee I drank this weekend. All I know is I had a good few days. Outgoing, fun, and funny were the call of the days.

I’m also convinced my bedroom is filled with an air of despair, as sleeping on the couch has been good to me. No fear, dread, or panic attacks. Perhaps the two aren’t connected, but I think they are.

I am working heavy hours at Kroger, but I don’t mind. The extra money will be nice. Also, I sleep better when I’m worn out.

The year mark for this blog approaches fast. It seems just yesterday, sometimes, that I first posted here, talking about the heartbreak, explaining the backstory that is me, and having a breakdown. Going back and reading I’m amazed at the improvements/changes. A year is a drop in the bucket, after all. Yet, so much can happen in that year.

Dan and Josy, I’ve known the two of you about a year and you’ve become some of my better friends. Supporting through the crises of the heart, giving opinions on the guitar playing, and just being fun. Thanks guys.

This year was not the best, nor the worst. Last year’s beginning had me hoping for a better year, fresh off the heels of despair and it proved to be just that. Better. Hope the next year is better, too.

But enough of that, as it’s not the end of the year yet. There’s still time for this one to be better than the last, though it will have to hurry. Yeah, that’s me being hopeful. I’m riding the wave of hypomania and sucking out every bit of marrow I can. What more can I do?



  1. Roses are red, sky is blue, you’re a better writer than me for sure, lol 😉

  2. Thought for sure we’ve known each other longer than a year!

  3. You’re right. My mistake. It’s been two years. Almost since the day I installed WoW on my computer. It’s just that when I think about you time has no meaning, as I’m filled with elation and lust.

    It really doesn’t seem like it’s been that long though.

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