cookies, cookies, and more cookies

December 12, 2007

Yeah, I was up to my ears in cookies last night. I baked at least four dozen (not counting the dozen burnt mostly beyond edibility) last night. It would have been more, but I made the chocolate chip ones huge. So we had chocolate chip, peanut butter, and jam cookies (some Swedish recipe, but it’s essentially sugar cookie with strawberry or grape jelly on top) were made, as well as a pizza.

My apartment was hot, and not just because I was in it. That was pretty much my night. Baking cookies. Which is fine.

After all settled down, Sassy and my son both gone home, oven off, and me relaxing on Warcraft, is when Scott called about a job. He’s in Nashville and working at a TV station that apparently needs a new graphic/3D artist. Both of which I am capable of, though in limited quantities. I had to turn him down, though I did thank him for the news and offer of a good word.

I can’t leave Louisville, and my son, behind yet. Nuff said. I toyed with the thought of moving to LA earlier this year, but in the end I’m glad I didn’t. I have no desire to be away from my son that much.

And then I turned off the Christmas tree and slept on the couch.

The end.



  1. Dude, call him back@!!!!!! ASAP.
    Nashville is not that far from Louisville… jeez….

  2. I can’t move right now if I wanted to anyways, as the cost would be prohibitive. I can barely afford to keep things up at the moment, much less break a lease, find an apartment, and rent a truck to get down there.

    Again, thank you for the support, though. It is appreciated more than you know, Josy. /hug

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