three days off

December 4, 2007

Three days out ofthe deli did a lot for me. It was actually nice to be back, since it was out of the routine for those days. I was feeling good, wired on caffeine, and hilarious to most people.

Basically, I need three days off every week. And I’m sort of getting that. My first job brought back overtime in limited quantities, meaning I can cut back on my Kroger hours. The boss there said he will probably give me the weekends off consistently. That is awesome.

Honestly, his could be what I need to get out of the funk, at least until the next one comes along. Even I deserve a break from depression every now and again. If I could only cram more stuff I want to do into my schedule things’d be great. Still not a lot of time, but when the job brings back unlimited OT I will quit Kroger and call it a year.

So pull for me and hope that happens, wouldja?


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