what i want for christmas

November 30, 2007

Simple really, when it comes down to what I really want for Christmas. A very short list.

  1. Nintendo Wii
  2. Electric guitar/bass and amp
  3. Sex. Lots and lots of sweaty Christmas Day sex.

And yet, I think I want too much. 😦



  1. What games world you be looking for if you had a Wii?

  2. No idea. I’ve a passing interesting since it’s something new and different and I’m a gadgephile. I suppose Twilight Princess (which I can get for my Gamecube) and Super Mario Galaxy (because you can’t say Nintendo without the plumber).

    Oh yeah, I know your plan and I’m here to say ‘No. Now stop stalking me.’ 😛 While I appreciate the thought, that’s all it needs to be. Unless it’s a hooker. Then I’m all for it. Specificially, a female hooker. No dudes or trannies, k thx buy.

  3. I’m so glad you specified no dudes or trannies. I was on the phone with my credit card handy when I read that. so I hung up.

  4. It was just for you, Josy. No cocks under my Christmas tree. Thanks.

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