‘takes one to know one, sir’

November 28, 2007

Yeah, so I wasn’t having the best of days yesterday. Then some guy comes to the deli and is being an asshole because chicken tears up some when it’s sliced. Here are a few excerpts, most of which sais while continuing to slice meat:

Him: I’ve never been treated this poorly in here!
Me: I’ve never treated someone this poorly in here. What’s your point?

Him: You work in customer service, and don’t know how it works.
Me: Oh really? Have you ever done this job?
Him: Yeah!
Me: Then you know how much it sucks.

Him: What’s your name?! I’m going to a manager!
Me: (holding my nametag up to be clearly seen) Name’s [insert name]. And please, do go to a manager. Have a nice night sir.

Him: (walking away and muttering under his breath, thinking I won’t hear him) Asshole…
Me: (loud and clear) Takes one to know one, sir.
Him: (turning to come back) What did you say?!
Me: Takes on to know one sir. Have a nice night.

Seriously, I talked to a manager after that (unrelated conversation, but I brought it up) and told her I was wrong. I was. I shouldn’t have reacted that way at all, no matter the guy’s complaints. I understand that totally. But he lost his moral high ground when he called me an asshole. While walking away. Under his breath. Thinking I wouldn’t hear him.

I was just on autopilot the whole time, not looking angry, not feeling hot in the cheeks, nothing. Just reacting without thinking. Kirk did try to diffuse the situation to no avail. He does agree the guy was being an asshole first, which doesn’t make it right on my part, but at least he’s got my back on things. The guy complained about something I could do nothing about, happens every time you cut chicken, and didn’t grasp the concept when I explained to him.

So I could finally get fired from Kroger. Honestly, I’m not upset. I almost hope I am fired today, because I can’t quit. Can never quit. Despite how hard it is, it’s the right thing to do and that means something to me. I just wish it were easier. But the old addage says..

What’s right isn’t always easy, and what’s easy isn’t always right.

In the end, I felt much better after going off on that guy. At least it was useful for something. I get tired of faking good moods for customers and coworkers. It’s very tiring.



  1. This is how I am all the time. Its kind of nice, right?

  2. It’s how I usually am, but I also need the job. I mostly control the urge. The good news is, the guy must have never complained at all like a pussy, cause noone said anything to me about it today. And my boss is not someone to let anything slide. Talk about a real douche, getting all huffy and making a show only to do nothing in the end.

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