balance is a shitty thing

November 9, 2007

Least, that’s what I assume happened. So here’s what I did last night, I went to Starbucks with the intent of attempting to talk to Starbucks Chick. I did a little, but I failed when I was putting sugar in my coffee and overheard she was going on break.

  • What I should have done: Sat down in a seat, waited for her to take her break, and attempted to make more conversation.
  • What I did: Went home. Yeah.

So I tried to do something to improve my life last night. I guess it had to balance out, so this morning I woke up late. Was nearly late to work. And am generally in a pissy mood.

Fuck you, balance. In general, you’re a great thing to help when somebody’s down. When somebody’s down and trying to get better you’re a bitch of a whoreson.

Perhaps I’ll give it another go tonight.



  1. I See YOU!!!!!!!

  2. Ohnoooes! Whatever will I do!
    /guard funhole

  3. Blah, blah, blah, blah. ……

  4. damn it, entertain me walin

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