fuck christmas until december

November 8, 2007

Halloween is barely done. Thanksgiving is still a blip on the horizon. Christmas… not even on the fucking map. Or is it?

Apparently consumer confidence is down, what with low wages, rising gas prices, and general shittiness of the economy. This shocked the fuck out of retailers, so in order to try and sell us more stuff we really don’t need they’re starting early. Decorations are out, music is playing, and I’m pissed off.

Now, when I was a kid I loved this shit. Christmas couldn’t come early enough. I still love the season, and the holidays, and the giving, all that stuff. But I don’t want to think about my next birthday so soon, or the fact another year is over. My son will be five years old this December. That’s huge, and it makes me a little sad. I feel like it’s only been a short time he’s been this old. I miss the baby, and soon I will miss my little boy.

But that’s personal shit. Over all, it’s too damned early. I enjoy Thanksgiving as well, and would like to enjoy that before the next holiday creeps up. I can’t do that when stores are trying to brain fuck me into giving them more of my money. I really dislike big chain stores, and this is one of the reasons. Given the options, I’d rather shop locally but it’s  not convenient to do so right now. That’s another post all together.

Christmas makes me feel hopeful, cheerful, and just all around good. When Christmas is all year round it will not do that anymore, because it’s no longer special. I can fool myself into thinking the world’s not a bad place filled with bad people and that I’m not alone and that things will get better. Don’t fucking take that away from me. Please.


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