and the survey says?!

November 6, 2007

General consensus seems to be that I should ask the newest Starbucks Chick out. Sole actually asked me last night ‘SC is still around?’ which struck me as hilarious. Nate said something about checking her out for me first. PB was first to mention, and right away, if I got her number or not. Chef Eric says he’ll be my wingman, but somehow I see disaster down that road. Teesha, after hearing details, thinks she was obviously showing interest, I should stop being a pussy, and just go for it.

I will say here what I told Sole last night. ‘I wish I could be like Will Smith, walk in, throw down a pen and paper, and just say ‘Just give me your number, write it next to your name’. Somehow, I don’t think that would work for me.

Eric seems to think I’m not giving myself enough credit, as do most people. He talked about how he always gets labelled player and asshole right off the bat. When tested on Teesha she confirmed this. I pondered what people must think about me and he said the worst thing to hear “you’re a nice guy’. I don’t care who you are, what your experiences are, or what you think women want. I will argue till I stab you out of frustration that being a nice guy sucks ass, because you do come in last more often than not. My problem’s not really that, though.

But before I start on a long drawn out rant, I’ll end this with a restatement that most people think I should at least make more conversation with SC.



  1. I agree with everyone…you should ask her out. However, you need to practice first. Try a mirror, Particleboy, or Sassy. Ha Ha. Sassy. Still love that!

    Anyhoo…it can’t hurt to ask, right? But I think you should watch a few movies to get some good lines first. Try ‘Hitch’. That is a freakin’ hilarious movie, although in the end you learn that just being yourself actually gets the girl.

    You have the ability to be very charming and sweet. You just need to use your “buffer” before speaking. Think about what you will say. Try to just be cool. Wash your hair so it’s soft and not greasy looking. DO NOT make it swoop up into an odd curl as this looks like you have scratched your head and didn’t even care enough to brush it down with your hand.

    And remember, you are a very intellegent, sweet, good looking guy who deserves someone as great as you. So if she says no, it clearly wasn’t meant to be.

    “The one” will come along…don’t you worry!

  2. You spelled intelligent wrong. The rest about being yourself is a lie. And I’m not looking for the one, just a good time.

    And there’s always something funny about you giving me relationship suggestions.

  3. That was a typo. You are an asshole. Why do I even bother trying to be the “cheerleader” you constantly beg me to be for you when you just act like this? Jeeze. You annoy me.

    You’re going on 28…don’t be blind to “the one” while looking for a “good time”. Moron.

  4. Can’t help it. I like good spelling. 😛 Dan’s even worse, trust me.

    You misunderstand what I’m saying. You don’t look for the one, you simply find them. If I spent all my time looking for the one I would mostly find disappointment. I already found her anyways I thought, but she had other thoughts. I want a good time, meaning I just want to go out and have fun with someone of the opposite sex, because if I start thinking ‘Gotta find the one’ I will get more jaded when i don’t find that, whether I’m dating someone or not.

    You just don’t get it is all, because you’ve not been in a similar situation. That’s okay. It’s easy to say ‘Hang in there’ “things get better’ ‘and don’t you worry’ and ‘It just wasn’t meant to be’ when you feel you already have all that. I’m not picking a fight, just saying. All my experiences tell me that what will happen is I will be stomped on again. It’s hard to overcome that, despite the alternative.

    And being myself obviously isn’t working.

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