November 1, 2007
  • So I did dress up yesterday, and the best part of it probably was Ariel at work. It was  her last day at Kroger, so she was looking forward to everyone dressing up. She was the only one all day. But she just lit up when I got there. Definitely a highlight. Then she she left and it was business as usual.
  • We have a new guy at work. We labeled him noob with price stickers on his shirt. It was funny. He’s a good sport.
  • So I’ve talked about the chick at work with a nice body but is really plain in the face before. PB seems to think she has a thing for me because of what he noticed while  I was talking to her yesterday. Regardless, I thought it’d be funny to see a blog somewhere that says ‘He was dressed up as Shaun from Shaun of the Dead! So hot!’ or something similar. Then again, what if that person is reading this right now… whoah. Creepy.
  • People consistently think I’m younger than I actually am. That makes me feel good.
  • Hot German chick laughed for me last night. That makes me feel good.
  • Teesha says that name’s short for Laticia, but everyone fucked it up by saying Latisha, so she chose Teesha instead. Just thought that was kind of funny.
  • I get to see my son today. That makes me happy. I wish I could have seen him in his pirate outfit yesterday. Hopefully next year I can go with him. I know he sort of understands why I didn’t go, but it doesn’t make me feel any better about it.
  • It’s not really funny and/or ironic when elected officials dress up as royalty for Halloween. Even less so if it’s NOT Halloween. Could anything else possibly show exactly why those people probably shouldn’t have been elected? In the words of the Joker, this country ‘Need an enema!’ The thing is, when I was a kid and Jack Nicholson extolled this line to me while I ate Domino’s pizza and watched on a VHS copy I thought he was saying ‘This town needs an enemy’ but with a mocking southern slant to make enemy sound like enema, so it was like ‘enemah’. I’m sure you can understand the confusion of a child about 10 years old. To this day it makes me giggle though.
  • I need to get out of the house more, and not to work and the grocery store for once. Maybe I should ask out HBPJ (Hot Bodied Plain Jane, which that chick is now being dubbed).

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