three days, one and a half off work

October 29, 2007

Yes, this weekend update is as boring as usual, but I had a full day off of work on Saturday so it was better for me.

– Friday my son stayed the night, and we had fun. Mostly lazing around and watching movies or playing Madagascar: The Game. Sometimes, doing nothing is the best quality time.
-Friday I bought a new PC.
– Saturday I took my son bowling for the first time. It was funny to watch, because he’d run up to line, stop, set the ball down gently, and push it lightly down the lane. He had a ton  of fun, and so did I. We will be going back again, I’m sure. The sad part is that I just barely beat him. I need more practice.
– Sunday was back to work, but LA called me. I was at work, so I called her back later. I’ve always said how she only calls when she needs something, and it remains true. While everybody needs something, even as simple as friendship, it never really seems apparent with most. She needed an ear and a shoulder. I shouldn’t be too harsh though, because I needed someone who needed those things. Deep down maybe I depend on her to be needy so I can feel needed. Which is worse, really?

The conversation was fairly light, to be honest. A little bitching about men and why they are the way they are, though the men in her life aren’t exactly normal, decent guys. With the exception of me, of course. I did learn that the guy I hate that she was with is out of the picture, out of state, and in a worse situation than I am with her. At least she calls me without being prompted. In my mind, he’s the loser here. Really, none of us are winners.

Sole asked me, basically, if she professed her lingering feelings for me. Not really, but I think they might be there. I know, however, nothing can happen there again. Thanks for the memories, LA, but in the end we know that’s all they will be. Never to be relived again. And it’s mostly because of you. When you’re ready to settle down, have a family, and be an honest woman you can come to me if you wish. But, to quote JoCo again, that’s when I’ll make her cry. I hope I’m not waiting on her by then, cause that will be a long time coming.
– We have a new chick in the Deli. Teesha is Sortta Rican. She’s nice and fun to work with. She also has stories of Army basic training where people try to blow their own heads off, fail, and are beaten senseless by the drill sergeant.
-I really enjoy conversations with AD (the chick online I’ve been chatting with that lives in VA). Seriously, why must all the cool chicks live a couple hundred to a couple thousand miles away? I was telling her how my night was watching Firefly and playing Warcraft, and she says that sounds awesome. O.O Seriously, that’s what I do almost every weekend. Be still my loins. Overall, she’s pretty awesome to talk to, which is nice.
-Sunday night ended as the day began, with Warcraft.


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