stupid computer update: or how I learned to hate vista

October 29, 2007

I have a new stupid computer. I bit the bullet, made the decision, and went ahead and bought a new Compaq this weekend. I intend a full initial review of this machine… or as full as I can.

Visually, the case is pretty nice. It’s not a typical Dell/Gateway look, which is nice. A sleek black plastic.

Inside, things are pretty too. It has two fans, which is strange because it’s slower than my old one which had one. Course, might be part of the problem too. A gig of RAM makes me moist, but the problem is with the OS. More on that in a bit. I haven’t had to switch out my old Video Card, since the integrated one seems to be doing fine. Perhaps in the future, since WoW does hickup a little.  This thing is really quiet, which is a nice change. Two complaints are that I needed to buy new speakers that are self powered and my mic isn’t working at all, with USB devices being the suggestion. The speakers are awesome, but I don’t want to buy a new mic right now. Plus I don’t have as much cash as I’d like on hand for obvious reasons.

Vista. What can I say about Vista? Fuck you Microsoft! Vista is a pain in the ass. Case in point: It took an inordinate amount of time to get my wireless card working. In XP it took me about five minutes. About an hour to figure it out in Vista. Vista is, as I’ve confirmed now after hearing it before, like Mac OS was about ten years ago, only without the awesome and an injection of stupid. It is slow. On a brand new PC it is a slow OS. That’s bullshit Bill Gates.

My suggestion is if you buy a new PC, try to get one with XP or get XP on there somehow. Vista is pure shit so far, and I’ve had it for about a day. It does what I want, but it’s been a pain to find codecs that work and it is slow as shit. Plus, when it sits for a time it ‘sleeps’ or whatever they call it and cuts off internet access as a security measure. This means until I figure out how to cut it off I can’t let shit download while I’m away.

I hate vista.



  1. What did I tell you? Damn it boy.

  2. Fixed the shutting down. Changed settings and it seems to work a little faster. Still a shit OS. As long as it does what I want it to, which it is, I’m kosher. I kind of like learning new shit anyways.

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