stupid computer

October 26, 2007

So I lost power last night, and again the PC is fucking up. Honestly, I’m about ready to say screw it and just buy a new one. So damned frustrating.

‘But Wailin, isn’t that one of the reasons you got a second job?’

Why, yes little Timmy, it is. But the problem is, things never go quite how I plan. I haven’t saved a penny towards a new computer, my vacation, or anything at all. I’ve been paying all my bills, and not much more. That said, I’m just ready to say fuck it and just buy one, since I have the extra at the moment. And by extra I mean, I can buy the computer and not pay the ex this or next week and skip my phone and power bills. Then I play a little catch up again.

And yes, Ex, I know what you will say when you read this. That I would be completely selfish to do so. Nothing is in stone at the moment. Just something I’m strongly considering.



  1. Oh oh, get a mac, get a mac 😀

  2. I really wish I could afford one. >.>

  3. Leopard just came out, yet I’m stuck with this pos emachine

  4. Yeah, lots of comp stores are having parties to celebrate Leopard. Nerds are funny peeps. 😀

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