weekend tidbits

October 22, 2007

Yeah, I should probably try and make seperate entries, but honestly nothing is so awesome on it’s own that it warrants it. So without further ado, here’s my weekend update…

  • Friday my son stayed the night. We had gone to the EBGames for one thing, but when we left we had a copy of Madagascar the Game and Sly Cooper and the Thievius Racoonis. I wasn’t going to get him that, but he was so excited about finding a game ‘for him’. I couldn’t say no, so I grabbed Madagascar. On the way to pay I spied Sly Cooper for about eight bucks. I took both, and we were on our way after a demo play of Guitar Hero III.
  • Saturday at work a woman came up to the deli case. She gave her order, and then began dancing a little. I had noticed the ear buds already, but the dancing was unexpected. So I asked her about the music, and we had a nice conversation about dancing and the lack of skill thereof. After she walked away Kim asked if I got her number, cause she looked like she really wanted me to. I did not. I do feel kind of stupid for not at least trying, because she did seem nice and the conversation was fun and laughter filled.
  • Saturday night I began work on what will be another guitar compostion. I am abandoning the term song for now, because that seems to imply the existance of lyrics. I wish I could say they did, but they are only figments of my imagination.
  • Saturday morning the ex’s fiance came to pick up my son. He is fat. It makes me feel better about myself. Thanks for being fat, ex’s fiance. Please, continue that trend.
  • Sunday was pretty uneventful, except for the fact I think Jasmine is genuinely pissed off at me. Oh well. Whether she believes it or not, she’s not a very nice girl. Case in point: She only calls outside work when she nees something, usually a ride somewhere. Amazingly, I don’t exactly feel like being a chauffeur. Course, flipping her the bird and telling her to fuck herself, jokingly or not, is probably not the best way to go about things. Then again, maybe it’s what she needs. I like to think I’m destined to be an asshole to show others some lesson or another. One can always hope they’re a device of the divine, right?
  • Monday morning comes with the news I have had one cigarette since leaving work Friday. I am trying to quit smoking, again, and perhaps I’ll be more successful this go around.

And them’s the facts. Questions, comments, and concerns may be posted as needed. Though I doubt anyone has any of those.



  1. Is he fat like American fat or just chubby?

  2. If we were all about age 10, he’d be in the husky section at least. Though I don’t think overalls would be fitting.

  3. He’s put on some weight, but you need to shut your freakin’ mouth because you don’t even know the reason! You use to look like you were pregnant with twins and now you are balding big time and have a shiny scalp to boot.

    You better be ready to take it if you are going to be so mean and nasty about the man that I love and will soon marry. It hurts my feelings terribly and makes you terribly immature and hateful. How dare you!

    And let’s take a look at your entire family for a second! Hmmm….. You don’t see me telling people how each one of them are at least 100 pounds over weight if not more. Jackass!

  4. I always take it as well as I dish out.

    I wasn’t being mean and nasty so much as honest and observational. If I was really trying to be mean you, more than anyone, know it would be worse than that. Whether you love him or not, I don’t like him and don’t have to. Besides, I honestly can question how much value you place on love sometimes.

    Yeah, I was in need of serious weight loss. It was lost thanks to an amazing diet called depression. Far as the hair, such is life, and may be worse for the depression. Also, You’re right, my entire family is more obese than not. Luckily, I’m in the part that’s not. Your point?

    I mean, you were being hateful here more than I was. But I guess that’s ok somehow?

  5. When you talk about my fiance in a manner that is completely inappropriate, cruel, and ill-willed…you better believe I will turn into the spawn of Satan and verbally kick your ass regardless of how much more “hateful” I may or may not be.

    You need to keep your opinions and “observations” to yourself sometimes!

    And obviously you can’t take it seeing as how you became so defensive.

  6. When you come here you know very well there may be things of that nature. But if it’s written here, it rarely comes up outside of the blog. I also know that when I do find someone I want to marry, you will have your opinions and you likely won’t keep them to yourself completely either.

  7. Everyone uses these little things to pick them up sometimes. My man dumped someone for me, but it still cheers me a little to know that I am a bit better looking than her (not much, probably). At least you’re straightforward about it.

  8. I pride myself on being honest and straightforward. But often times I am brutal about it. Tact is not one of my strong points. You either get the full brunt of my honesty or nothing at all. There is no midpoint. I should probably work on that.

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