girl tricks: guilt trippin’

October 22, 2007

Guilt. Girls are big on the guilt. Just by looking a little sad, as opposed to angry, they know it can further push their agenda. Not all women do this, of course, but many do. Jokingly, I can remember saying ‘If you REALLY loved me…’ but never seriously, unless it was a serious situation. And no, springing for more breadsticks at Fazoli’s is not serious. Nor is buying jewelry.

Sometimes guilt trips come in the form of silent, cold shoulders. If that happens, you’re lucky. You can go on and just avoid it until she comes to her damned senses. Or just forget about it all together.

‘But I (insert favor/sex act) for you.’ Tit for tat. Quid pro quo. The trade off. No matter how you slice it, this falls into guilt trip territory too. You shouldn’t do and expect anything in return. Simply do because you want to.

Old women use flattery, generally of the ‘big strong man’ variety when something needs doing. This isn’t as bad though, because most likely it’s something small and harmless. Like taking out the trash or mowing a yard. Not so much guilt trippy, but I suppose it can be used to say ‘Oh woe is me! I am a weak old lady! Feel bad for me and do this!’Though again, in most situation you will just be helping an old lady out.

So there’s a girl trick to be wary of. Don’t fall into this trap, or it sets a dangerous precedent. At the same time, do unto her as you would her unto you. So no guilt trips on your end, either, and always give good oral. You’ll both appreciate it in the end. Besides, if you fail at oral sex why the hell is she with you? O.o No, I won’t be giving a tutorial on that subject.



  1. So glad I’m not into girls…

  2. Yeah they’re more trouble than they’re worth.


  3. Sometimes, I’d be inclined to agree, but there’s just something about cock that doesn’t sit right with me. : /

  4. Cock… doesn’t sit right… XD

  5. D’oh!

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