angela’s tale

October 17, 2007

I’ve mentioned before how I work with an older woman named Angela. We were talking last night, and she told me about her marriage and divorce. Honestly, it was a Lifetime TV movie worthy tale.

She married a man, had two sons, and after about 20 years divorced. Through cancer, business failings, and more general hardships they remained together. At the end, the last straw was drug addiction. So she left. She spoke about him in a way that made it clear she loved him alot, and she says she still does.

That prompted the question: If he made a complete turn around and improved himself, would you go back to him? The answer was a very strong yes.

I posted a few days back about what love is, and honestly that’s it. That even after all of that if the effort was made and succeeded to be a bit better than before she would go back. I like to think that one day I will be able to improve myself and situation so much that the ex would want to come back, too.

And that’s when I’d make her cry. Of course, our situation is a little different, if for the lack of drug addiction alone. But it’s all a pipe dream anyways, so it doesn’t matter. And no, I wouldn’t really make you cry on purpose.


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