girl tricks

October 8, 2007

Jasmine pulled one of the oldest girl tricks in the book on me the other night. I call it the giggle-grab-bewbie touch.

Here’s how it worked: ‘Wailin, can you do me a favor?’ At which point one hand slipped around to me back, she giggled and put her head on my shoulder as if embarassed, and breasts made obvious contact. Even though I know it’s a girl’s trick to get what she wants (one of many, when simply asking would suffice) I got a little moist. Down there. It’s been awhile, people, and Jasmine’s pretty hot.

What would she ask that would require the deployment of such a tactic? We went to an adult novelty store up the road a ways. She was looking for a dress for ‘the club’, and I was chosen to help (most likely because I have a car and don’t really have anything better to do). I had nothing better to do, and hadn’t been inside this place yet, so why the hell not?

And that’s how I ended up at Priscilla’s with a decently hot chick after work on a Saturday night to help choose a dress. Course, I also see through and get things for what they are. If I wanted to sleep with her I would not likely be able to. I have been branded friend, which is fine by me since she’s too young anyways.

Now, I have to figure out why she text messaged me past midnight last night, which woke me up. I usually don’t have my phone either on ring or in my bedroom, but I thought I might oversleep today since that’s been the trend of late and wanted it in case ParticleBoy or Sasquatch called to see what was going on. I’m sure it was either a mistext or she wanted another ‘favor’ which would go unrewarded. I mean shit, for my trouble I didn’t even get to see her in the dress. Such is life.

Sometimes, I think I’m too nice. I just try to treat others as I’d like to be treated. And I also have a hard time saying no to a nice pair of breasts and ghetto booty.



  1. Next time she asks for a favor (and she will) say something like, “I don’t know. I helped you with that dress and I didn’t even get to see you in it. Whats in it for me?”. Make sure you smile or laugh or do that sexy hair toss thing you do you sassy bitch. But seriously, that will make a huge opening for you no matter what her answer is. Then, you can fuck the opening.

  2. lawlz

  3. hawt

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