bleeding profusely from the head, just behind the ear…

October 8, 2007

Was what I told the pharmacy workers when I came to them for rubber gloves and something to lay this man’s head on. Again I find in a state of emergency I tend towards action rather than idle confusion.

I clocked out for work yesterday at Kroger, placing  a cigarette in my mouth, lighter a blaze, end smoking, and I hear a crack. Crask is inaccurate, though I’m not sure how to describe the sound. Maybe like a layer or two of bubblewrap tied around a brick being dropped on concrete. A hundred little snaps, almost all at once but in very quick succession. And a thud, but not so much a thud as a smack.

I saw the man on the ground, hands bent at the elbows, entire body shaking, fingers frozen. I ran over with the cigarette dangling from my mouth. Another man had ran over, kneeling next to the guy on the ground, yelling for someone to call 911. My phone came out, but about five other people were dialing so I gave it up to my pocket. I stopped and looked down at the man. His eyes were blue, almost grayish. He looked far from what was happening to him, which is probably a good thing. Towels were requested by the one assisting him and so I ran, flicking the cigrette away.

I got a manager, and ran to the restroom to gather some paper towels, I imagine so pressure could be put on the wound, but I didn’t know he was bleeding yet. I found that out upon my return. The man’s eyes didn’t blink that I noticed, but from his ear or perhaps behind it came the blood. A puddle was growing around his head, and I ran for more paper towels.

That pretty much ended my role in things, since the paramedics arrived. But thoughts of pale blue and red stuck with me the rest of the day. I watched ther work of the emergency workers, and I think the guy will be okay. He seemed to be bleeding a lot, but how much is deadly? I’m not a doctor. After a fresh cigarette was finished, I went back to work as usual, which seemed a little odd considering. Then again, what else could I do?

That was my Sunday. How was yours?


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