October 2, 2007

I finally got around to watching the first episode of the new Heroes season. It was great! They had the hooks baited well, and now they’re lodged in deep.

What happened to Peter?
Can Hiro reform Kensei?
Why did Nathan grwo the mountain man beard?
Will Claire get naked? Okay, that’s a no but a guy can wonder, right?
Who is watching Molly?
Who was the hooded guy?

They left me with lots of questions and a big ‘What the fuck?!’ at the end. I’m not so keen on the new Mexican heroes yet, but the show has a history of taking a little while to flesh them out and make me like them. All in all, I expect a great season out of the show. Now, episode 2 was last night so I can’t wait to watch it at home, eating popcorn, and smiling the whole time.


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