cleaning time

September 26, 2007

So yesterday I get to work, and I knew the manager was going to be there all night. That meant it would be a night I could be fired/quit. Neither of those came to pass.

The thing is, he was pissed off when I got there about shit from the day before. He had pulled everyone aside and berated them already, I was the last. So I did what I do best. Let him know without a doubt that I don’t give a damn.

He has made Ariel cry before, and Jhaq gets really pissed off, but I just say ‘Yes. Okay. I see what you’re saying.’ All calmly as possible, but laced with just enough nonchalantness to get his goat. And I always do. He always walks away even more pissed than when he talked to me, and that’s how I know my work was done. The others are too young to know better, so I try to teach them.

It’s funny to be a sort of mentor. Ariel especially asks for my opinion on what to do in her life, of which I have no answers only anecdotes and ‘If it was me…’ statements. But in the end they see something new and think in a way a little different than usual. I stll think it’s funny people seem to think I’m cool, smart, or experienced at life.

That aside, the end of the night came, the place was cleaned, and I went home with achy joints. I slept like shit, woke up, and am starting the routine all over again. I am off Thursday and Friday, though. Jhaq wants to do something, but I’ll probably pass.

I still haven’t watched Heroes yet.



  1. I used to work nights so I never saw my boss. I hated my job too. I think that people in authoritarian positions do not know how to be personable anymore? I dont know. Im just guessing. Im glad you got all your work done. I think making people cry is a bit rough. I think you should go out with your collegue. I think you should stop being so damn hard on yourself. I think I think too much…dont you?

  2. lol We all think too much, that’s why we blog.

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