thank yous

September 25, 2007

From time to time, as my loyal readers (all three of you) have seen, I like to thank people. It’s time again, though the list is shorter, and hopefully not very redundant.

Thanks to Dan, for listening to my crap musical attempts. Honestly, though not bad isn’t exactly great, it is better than nothing at all. You’ve helped keep me playing and trying, to be honest. Haven’t chatted in a while, though.

The Ex, thanks for being my cheerleader. I think that’s the thing I miss most about being in a relationship, with you in particular. You push when I need it and can remind me of why I’m doing what I’m doing, despite myself. Inspiration comes in many forms.

To my son, thanks for understanding I have to work so much I can’t see you as often. Also thank you for being just as excited to see me as ever. I love you so much you’ll never understand.

Thanks to Particleboy for helping keep me sane through all of this crap of the last two years. Also for gas and coffee money.

Thanks to Kroger for hiring me, as much as I hate it it’s what I needed.

Thanks to my coworkers in the deli, cause if you guys couldn’t laugh with me I would never have come back.

Thanks to customers who wear low cut shirts and have nice racks. RAWR! Now, some of you need to be single, cause I see too many wedding rings these days.

Thanks to myself for not completely giving up. I don’t say that enough, I think. I’m stronger than I like to believe, and I never cease to amaze myself when I realize that time and again. But seriously, how about you stop sleeping like shit?



  1. Send cookies.

  2. You sho bout that? O.o

  3. Thank you’s are great! Who are the 3 loyal readers? Sorry I havent been around lately. The network shit itself. I do read when I can though. I should blog again…

  4. I’m convinced there’s only a handful of people that actually read my blog. The rest just sort of passby on the information superhighway and never stop. Such is life.

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