you don’t seem yourself today, wailin

September 24, 2007

I heard that a lot yesterday. Long story short, sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever be over the ex. The answer appears to be never. Such is life. I have talked about the Orb of Depression before, I think. How it seems when I’m depressed getting too close will make others depressed as well. This rang true yesterday.

I heard the title statement so much I wondered if it was true. They had never seen that side of me before. But which one is ‘myself’? I fake a smile much of the time, because it’s easier than explaining things. Nobody ever asks about a smile, they just accept it and move on. Well, my friends do because me happy used to be a rare thing.

That being said, I do wonder if they were seeing the real me yesterday. Maybe I’m just being overly dramatic as the effects of the Orb of Depression wear off. Either way, when I got home from work yesterday I had much more to write about on the idea, but I went to sleep instead. This morning I’m just empty brained, and came | | <— that close to calling in to both jobs. And yet here I sit, where the department manager has had a tantrum over the suggestion box and is closing it. Where the news is almost always bad. Where I get lost in my thoughts, which can be quite depressing.

Yeah, that was mostly filler because I haven’t made a real post in a few days. Working two jobs leaves little room for anything amounting to interesting.


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