September 24, 2007

Heroes season 2, Generations, premiers tonight. That makes me misty…. down there. I can’t wait to see what happens to Hiro and Sylar. The rest be damned, cause those two made the show what it is.

From what I’ve heard, Heroes: Origins will be good too. Particleboy was telling me about some scenes he saw in an interview with a new cast member (not sure if it’s for Origins or Generations though) and said they looked action packed. Something about twin Mexican nationals. I’m thinking they use their powers to cross the border and find jobs cleaning buildings and picking fruit. 😀

Either way, I look forward to the episode, and will probably review it soon. The ex actually likes the show, too, so I expect her thoughts as well. Got it lady?



  1. I am excited to see Heroes, but I am WAY more excited to see Grey’s Anatomy on Thursday!!!!!!!! I can’t wait! Huge fan! And a lot has happened off the set which makes me wonder who will be there and who won’t this season.

    Anyway, you don’t care, I know. But I’m still super psyched!

    Hang ten! (And cheer up!)

  2. I’ll live. I always do, despite what life throws at me. Seriously, I’m convinced at this point I could survive on a desert island somehow.

    And yeah, Grey’s Anatomy holds no interest for me. Watched one episode and wasn’t impressed at all. It’s no Scrubs. Doesn’t that start again soon?

  3. No clue about Scrubs. Haven’t watched that show in years. I use to really like it, but it changed and I don’t enjoy it that much anymore.

  4. Wow, didn’t you just die when Sylar’s head was cut off and hung on the street lamp and then Mohinder turned into Sylar????

  5. OK, that was a joke. I haven’t even seen it yet…

    But where the hell are you? You usually respond within minutes…

  6. You seem concerned. Shock and horror! Still haven’t watched it yet. /sigh

  7. OMg…the actually made a season 2? Edrei is going to love that 😐

  8. Of course they did. Show is awesome. You not on the list? O.O

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