pirates vs ninjas

September 17, 2007

Halloween is coming. It’s  aways off yet, but we are planning something in the deli. At Kroger we can dress up for Halloween. Those who work are being asked to dress as Pirates. We will convince the meat dept workers to be ninjas, if we can. Then we will solve the question plaguing mankind since 2003. Are pirates better than ninjas?

My vote goes for pirates. If I work, I plan to dress up as Jack Sparrow. Perhaps get in character while slicing meat as well. Anything to entertain myself. I will need help with the eyeliner. >.<



  1. Did I tell you that our son is going to be a pirate for Halloween this year? He already has his costume, he just needs an eye patch because it didn’t come with one for some odd reason. Grammy got it and he is so thrilled!!!

  2. He kept saying he wanted to be, so I told him we’d talk about it. If nothing else, I’d get it for him. I’ve been so proud. Telling everyone “He wants to be a pirate!” lol Yeah I’m a geek, but I don’t care. Cutest pirate ever!

  3. You can get him the eye patch! The cool thing about this costume is that he can wear it long after Halloween and play dress up…but you know, the boy kind. He does that with his firefighter and policeman costumes. He’s so freakin’ cute!

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