cord progression

September 14, 2007

The guitar work continues, with some measurable successes, too. I am learning new cords pretty well, my callouses are helping me play longer before the pain is too much, and creation is becoming smoother.

I have learned to play the Ballad of Serenity, and though I’m not great with it yet (C is a bitch and feels like it will break your fingers) it is coming along well. Changing cords is easier now, because I enjoy the song itself and practiced a lot the other day.

In the end, I know I will go back to the bass because we need someone to play it. I like bass, and don’t mind at all. I was starting to play faster when I put it down and using a pick more. The bass work helped with the acoustic, and I’m sure the acoustic will help with the bass when I do. Still need a drummer, though we want to work on Crackhead James soon. Perhaps I will switch back to bass again sooner than I thought. It’s not often we’re both inspired that muchj at the same time and the new schedule actually makes it easier to get together. Or would if I wasn’t working at Kroger.

The important thing is I’m still enjoying and wanting to make more. People I know outside of this blog like what I’ve been doing so far, and that is awesome. My boss Kevin actually downloaded Front Porch Blues to his iPod. That is what I wanted, and why I am continuing on. Creating something and having someone like it is a great feeling. I hope one day to actually play a show and be applauded. Even just once, it would be great.

Perhaps that’s a little sad that I seem to find my own self worth through others, but it’s not like that. Being praised for something is a great feeling no matter who you are.

Stay tuned for more music to be posted this weekend, as always sans singing.



  1. If you’re interested, I have some songs with pretty cool guitar/bass parts to them. Many of which you’ve probably never heard of 😉

  2. I can gurantee that my sister has music you will never have heard of…unless you went to ozzfest…or keep up with eurovision. I only found out about this music that kicks the ass of all rock i held dear…well a week ago really. Lemme know if you want some of it cause i can giveyou names of songs.

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