3:10 to Yuma review

September 10, 2007

I came in on Monday to find 3:10 to Yuma topped the box office. Now, that was suprising, but only because it’s a western. I watched it and loved it. It is one of the best films of the year, hands down.

What made it great is the story. It’s a typical western, but it has a few surprises as well. The cast was all star with Christian Bale, Russel Crow, and Peter Fonda. But the lesser knowns do amazing as well, specifically Alan Tudyk (aka Wash of Firefly). Tudyk is a very underrated actor, mostly because he’s a character actor. I need to see Death at a Funeral, which he has a starring role in.

But the cast, while powerful, kept things on par with each other. No one actor shined above all others, and they all delivered stellar performances. That is rare. One of the highlights was Ben Fosters performance as Crow’s second in command. He didn’t have a lot of speaking parts, but he was dead on as the sleazeball outlaw he was supposed to be. I do wonder if I am wrong, but I also got the feeling he was gay from the way he was portrayed and what little other characters had to say about him. An interesting angle.

At the end there were a few questions that weren’t tied up, but it mostly did a great job. I did not regret seeing this at all. It is a bit wordy, but when the action scenes hit they pack a punch, especially the last ten minutes or so of the film.

The verdict: See it, whether you like westerns or not. You won’t be disappointed.


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