the blues

September 4, 2007

So, I’ve been playing the blues lately (or what I think of as the blues) and someone asked me ‘Why do you have the blues?’.


More like why don’t I? Broken heart blues.. check. Baby done me wrong blues… check. Baby done left me blues… check. Got no money blues… check. But that’s not why I play.

I play because I can feel it in my brain. I started ‘front porch blues’ just playing one string. Added another. Bent the hell out of it. Added another. Bent the hell out of that too. It came to a point where I was tapping my foot and playing and it just felt so right. So good. And that’s why I play. When I get into it like that I let go of everything else. There’s no bills, no work, no woman woes, or anything. It’s just me and the guitar and the sound of music.  Pure, simple, fresh, and clean.

Speaking of ‘front porch blues’, I’ve added that to my Tindeck account, so give a listen and leave thoughts (except the ex, cause you will hear it in person at some point).


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