heroes: generations

August 31, 2007

Okay, Heroes is coming back on the 24th. I am ecstatic about this. Heroes is one of the few shows I enjoy on TV right now. I have not had cable in several years (excepting when living with Particleboy, but he paid for that) and, until Heroes, saw no reason to get it. I can watch those episodes online or download them right away anyways, so I still don’t need it. Me and PB will try and have Heroes Night, though, and hopefully I can head over there to catch the new episode, eat some pizza, and have discussion on the show.

Hiro is the best character on there, followed closely by Mohinder. The two carried the show’s first season in my opinion. Hiro is the comic relief the show desperately needs, because at times it is too heavy for it’s own good. Mohinder is the catalyst for the whole show, and an enjoyable character all around.

The coming season worries me though, because there were flaws in the first. Long exposition, loose ends left untied for a long time, and lack of action. They’re fucking super heroes! I wanted that fight between Peter and Sylar so bad, and when it came we were left wondering what it was like. The lights flashed and explosions sounded out, but we could see nothing of it. That’s what I want to see this season! A little less conversation, a little more action (to steal from The King).

They are fixing the long downtimes this season, thank god! For six weeks they will air Heroes: Origins which will feature a new hero per episode, one of which will join the main cast, and then resume the Generations story. This is genius. With this type of airing they could maintain long strings of episodes and have a near year round season. As long as they can keep it interesting this is a great idea. Claire, Peter, Hiro, and the rest are obviously not the only ones in the world with powers. Show us some more. You can have mini arcs about these heroes. Experiment!

Then there’s the 7th Wonders comics online, which expand ont he story. I haven’t read those, but plan to soon. The current one tells about Ando in the time between leaving Hiro to find Sylar and the final showdown. One is about the Haitian’s childhood (which PB says is really good). Such a great idea.

USA Today has a feature article on the fall TV season, with a big chunk of it going to Heroes: Generations. I suggest fans check it out. Go. Now.

So today, I plan to buy the DVDs at Best Buy for about $40 in preparation for the next season. To Tim Kring, NBC, and the full cast of Heroes I say: I love you. Keep up the amazing work.


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