fuck kroger

August 24, 2007

Right in the ass. I didn’t sleep well, didn’t eat hardlyat all yesterday, ache all over, have a headache, and just feel all around like shit this morning. So fuck Kroger.

Overall it’s not that bad, I guess, but I really hate this. And worst of all, it’s Friday and I won’t be going home. I will be going to Kroger, and by the time I get home I will just go to bed and have a sandwich, because guess where I have to be in the morning. That’s right, Kroger.

All I’ve mustered the energy to do today is grunt in reply to questions.Tell me again how this is worth it? How I don’t see my son, get no time off, ache all over, and am not in a good mood because of lack of sleep. All for money too, which is what makes it seem even less worth it.

I can’t even think right now. All I can say is, once again, fuck Kroger.

I’m much more awake now, so I can write more about this. I don’t like the job, but it’ll have to do. It was nice interacting with customers, most of which were pleasant and understanding with it being my first day. Even ran into someone from high school (ex would remember drama class, think the name was Becca… not sure) which is alweays interesting, though we weren’t great friends or anything then.

My coworkers, so far, seem alright. There’s a very old black lady who just doesn’t give a fuck and all she does is fry the chicken (which I find funny and somewhat racist >.<). Ariel (not named for The Little Mermaid) seems alright, though a bit ditzy. And a very old woman that seems nice, but impatient with noobs like me.

My only real concern is Mark, the Deli Manager. I haven’t met him yet, but I’m told he’s a real dick and likes to yell at people… yeah, I will be fired the first meeting if he pulls that shit. He sounds like he’s punch drunk with his limited role of power over old women and young kids working for minimum wage. A bully through and through, and I’m not of the mood to take shit from someone like that. I think I’ll just inform him that there is pending legislation to allow lawsuits based on bosses like him and if he does it again I will wait until then and sue him, Kroger, and everybody else I possibly can, ensuring he will lose his job and hopefully his house. Too much? I don’t think so.

I am very achy today, since I’m not used to standing that much. Or moving that much, really. I sit at a computer all day, so what do you expect?

I still don’t think it’s worth all the downsides, but feel it is necessary despite them. Such is life. I will live and move on, like I always do.


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