my weekend

August 20, 2007

It felt like  along one, but had a few things that were noteworthy.

Saturday I called up Particleboy to see about getting some lunch. We ended up heading down to Bardstown Road, pretty much our bohemian area. Interesting shops, music stores, a comic shop, and bars galore mingle among the Ethiopian, Moroccan, and other non-American themed restaurants. One of my favorite areas of town, but I hadn’t been in a while. We ate at Twig and Leaf, a local diner that’s been there for years. It is a diner, with a counter and stools and just feels a little greasy. You can’t fake that kind of atmosphere.

Later I called up Particleboy and Sasquatch again, hoping to find something to do to kill the boredom. We ended up going to see Rush Hour 3, and despite my reservations about the film it proved to be pretty good. The action is good as always, the comedy is funny as always, and Chris Tucker’s voice was as annoying after five minutes as it ever was. Much the same as the others, but why change a winning formula? I’d give it three stars, thumbs up, or whatever system you prefer.

That day I also went back to the Doo Wop Shop and because I needed some picks and ended up renting an acoustic guitar. I spoke before about how Sasquatch is lazy and unmotivated to make music with me, so I took it into my own hands. It’s a cheap guitar but so far I’m enjoying the learning process. I have chords for C, D, A, and G down already! Course, switching between them is a pain. It’s much more inspiring than bass, honestly. In the second day of having it I made a song (sort of) using only D and G. No lyrics, but got the rhythm down for the most part. It’s far different from the bass and I like that about it.

I noticed this weekend I have one Popeye arm from playing the bass. Seriously. My left forearm, when compared to my right, is noticeably bigger. It’s kind of disturbing. Guess I need to kick my masturbation up a notch so they match.

I start work at Kroger today. Fucking yay. I hope the UPS store calls so I can have an easier second job.

Haven’t talked to the ex in a few days, and don’t expect to much. Rightly so for now.

LA emailed me again last night. Just a simple “How’s life treating you?” I spent some time thinking about it, wrote out a bunch of crap that’s going on, thought better of it and erased the whole thing ad changed it to “Things could be worse. You?” Yes I hate myself just enough to keep comunicating. Honestly, It wasn’t wierd for me this time. I had hardly any feelings about it when I hit send. I think that’s where I needed to be to deal with her.

Then I went to bed and slept well, woke up, watched anime, then came to work. Today will not be a good day, but it also won’t be a bad one. Seriously, those are the best days sometimes. I just have too many of them.


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