1800flowers lawsuit

August 15, 2007

Wow. So for those that don’t know, a man is suing 1800flowers after his wife discovered he sent flowers to another woman. The details make this interesting, though.

  • The man requested nothing be sent to his home.
  • His wife had filed for divorce.
  • His wife receievd information, then requested more.
  • 1800flowers gave the information.

So basically, the guy’s wife filed for divorce, he wasn’t living at home, and he was seeing someone. He sent her flowers requesting no records be sent to his home, which 1800flowers said they could do. They sent a thank you card to billing address (where he wasn’t actually living but his wife was at the time). They were apparently beginning to reconcile, but she called and asked for the information and copy of the note on the card attached. 1800flowers complied and sent the information. She then began divorce proceedings again and is doubling the money she was asking for previously.

Two issues here make this interesting. The man is clearly correct in his lawsuit, because 1800flowers breached an agreement made with him. Could even extend to privacy issues, honestly, but shared bank accounts (if one was used) clouds the issue a bit. If he used a credit card in both their names is it really his information alone? I’m no lawyer, but it seems a grey area.

The media is blowing this up with a headline of ‘Cheating spouse caught’, but this is another grey area, really. They were not living together, on bad terms, and fully expecting a divorce at the time. It brings back that Friends episode where Ross is screaming ‘But we were broken up!’ (I tried to find a clip, but I failed to succeed). For all intents and purposes his marriage was over, so when she filed for more money on grounds he was cheating should she get it? I say no. Then again, it’s another gray area. Gotta love those.

Either way I’d be shocked if the guy didn’t start suing news outlets that aired the story for defamation of character. Either way, I’m not the judge or involved in the lawsuit so what I think doesn’t amount to much. Personally, I’d be pissed my personal issues (where no crime was involved) were being aired for all to see and ridicule in blog posts like this one.


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