August 10, 2007

I ran over a duck on the way back from lunch. He was pwned. I fee bad. 😦

Addendum: Also, I can now claim Meat Cutting and Handling Engineer as  a title, since once the background check is done at Kroger and I work in the deli. Not my top choice for a second job, certainly.



  1. You ran over a duck and your now have access to a meat cutting machine? Fate? I think so.

    Somebody’s eating fresh duck tonight.

  2. your = you

  3. They were running across the street. Stupid things should be flying across. Particleboy didn’t like my plan of sticking its head on a pike as a warning to the others.

  4. I think the whole head on a pike smacks of…vlad the impaler. Amusing as the thought is and yes it did make me giggle…I have to agree with particleboy. It sucks that you ran over a duck…we have street signs that tell us to slow down cause ducks cross the road…we also have them for kiwis…but there is like only 60 or 70 breeding pairs left in NZ. street signs for ducks crossing the road…what is this country coming to?

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