my dinner tonight

August 8, 2007

I am going to try to make enchiladas for dinner with a queso sauce. All from scratch. Including the tortillas. I used two recipes, one for the innards and a basic tortilla recipe.

enchilada1I started with the tortillas, but before that I read a bunch about tortillas on Wikipedia. Actually was pretty interesting. Like finding out the burrito is estimated to only be about 100 to 125 years old. The Qdoba style ones are only about 45 years old, and originated in the San Francisco area, making them SF Style Burritos. There are actually many variations of tortillas too, and the use isn’t like we are used to in our southwestern Tex Mex recipes. Some are dessert. All however have their roots in the tortilla.
This was a fun thing to do, and I look forward to doing it again.What you see above are the Tortillas n the beginning stages. It’s a fairly moist and sticky dough, kind of reminds me of pizza dough. So I kneaded out and then tore off some, rolled them into balls, and used my beatstick/rolling pin to flatten them out. I had a hard time keeping mine round, but towards the end I figured it out.

enchilada2You can’t just roll them back and forth. You gotta kind of change directions, always starting from the middle and towards the edges. Took a bit to figure that our, but when I did they became more roundish in shape. My first thought was to make a big SF style burrito, but I’d need a steamer to make the tortillas stretch farther. I also have no idea how to roll them thin enough in the first place. There are machines for that kind of stuff.

Finally rolling them out I tossed them in a nonstick pan (although allegedly a cast iron skillet is best, but I don’t exactly have one. Maybe when my mom decides to she’ll give me the ones handed down through my family). Medium heat long enough to brown them a bit, and I started work on the chicken.

So were I anything like Smitten Kitchen I would have close up shots of the food, and much more witty banter by now. Such is life. I’m doing my best here. What we do both have is an enjoyment of cooking. What I don’t like is prep work. If were, again, anything like SK I would have had stuff ready to go before starting. I didn’t even have everything for the later sauce for these thing. Needless to say I had to slice up some chicken breast. Cubed em up and tossed them in the pan, then started the sauce.

enchilada 3So the sauce was really simple, just some sour cream, cream of mushroom, and cheese. I used a chipotle cheddar that added a little spice to it, since I don’t actually have the green onions and other items called for. Overall I was very very pleased with it. Was very cheesy and creamy. Add in the chicken, stuff the enchiladas, drizzle the remainder of the sauce over the top, and pop it in the oven for about half an hour. When it’s all said and done, you get your enchiladas.

I know, it didn’t come completely from scratch, since I used the cream of mushroom soup, but it’s close enough dammit. And if you were eating it too, you’d still be like “Wow, Wailin. This is awesome! And you made it from scratch?” and I’d be all “Yep, even the tortillas.” At that point if you were a woman you’d instantly want to sleep with me, not that you didn’t before. So I recommend this recipe, though you may not want to make your own tortillas. I really only did it out of curiosity and because I couldn’t afford to just buy some.

enchiladas done



  1. Look at that very phallic shaped food ladies. Its slathered in a thick sauce. You know you want it. Eat it. EAT IT! That shit sprinkled on top? Thats the cheese. You like cheese right? Eat that cheese baby.

  2. D’oh!

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