a charming weekend

August 6, 2007

I IMed Charming last night. It’s a strange thing to do. Because of her blog you feel like you know her, but really you know only certain things no the whole. I will say she is fun to chat with, though, and has always been friendly.

I only messaged her to give her a kick in the pants to supply us with more of the crack we call a blog post. Last time we talked about cooking. I don’t do it often, but it’s always a pleasant time. I won’t steal her thunder, though, by revealing some information before she posts about it.

The rest of my weekend was uneventful, save for the email from LA and later the minor breakdown I had. I just played my guitar and watched anime. In that breakdown the ex was more helpful than she realizes. Sometimes you just need someone to tell you it will all be okay, even if you don’t believe it. And sometimes you just need someone who gets you, even if only a little, to cry with.

As far as playing guitar goes, I’m pretty sure I could write a song a day. Came up with a few riffs that I like a lot, and wish I could put words too. Dan tries to help, but there’s only so far you can go with someone who is inexperienced and mostly lacks a talent for the stuff.

My college buddy Scott has spent his first week in Nashville, where he now lives and works. He moved a week and a half back. We’re supposed to go visit him next weekend, and he seems happy to have us. It’s not easy living there, I’m sure, since it’s his first time moving out of his parents’ home and he’s in a new city. We’re happy for him, because he’s the only one to actually benefit from going to the shitty school we attended.

Nothing else comes to mind, so I’m out. Smell ya later, homies.


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