salute to the amazon

July 17, 2007

So, Old Roommate wanted to go to Starbucks. And we did. And the most amazing woman was there. She was Amazonian and cute. The lady seemed to tower above me, with some very dangerous curves on her. I was awed. I called dibs.

In my life, of various women I’ve been involved with all but one was shorter than me. The Ex is short enough that, when hugging, my chin can rest easily on the top of her head. LA was a little taller than me, and taller still in large platform shoes. It made things interesting, to say the least.

That’s where the interest in tall women came from, I suppose. I like my women a little thick though, so baby better have back. It’s just strange to me that until LA I never really thought about it. Then again I don’t meet many women taller than me. I’m no giant, like Sasquatch, but not a midget. Average height, around 5’11 (give or take an inch).

So send me you tall women with ghetto booties and coy smiles. Give me the women that may intimidate men of lesser fortitude. Give me the women that can possibly benchpress me, but there’s no need for a choke hold because I submit willingly to you.

If you think of yourself as Amazonian, I salute you. Know that there’s at least one guy who likes every inch of your towering beauty.



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