illegal immigration

July 17, 2007

Section 287(g)
Immigration and Nationality Act
A Law Enforcement Partnership

What this does, essentially though not exclusively, is allow police officers who arrest a violent offender who is an illegal immigrant to begin deportation proceedings. At least that’s the part that has so many people upset. The Mexicans are pissed. Why?

Now the information in that link is not complete, though records can be found of that, but it gives a good idea of what the act does. It trains local officers to function like members of ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) when dealing with illegal immigrants and allows allocation of resources to areas that generally receive less. It also makes sure illegal immigrants accused, and sentenced, in the US are not let out of prison into the general population but are then deported back to their home countries. At least those are issues I will discuss.

First off, if you’re not an illegal immigrant shut the fuck up. You should be glad people that took the easy way when you had such difficulty aren’t getting a get out of jail free card.
If you are an illegal immigrant, shut the fuck up. You have no say in the matter, especially if you’re a criminal.

That’s the main issue though. It deals with criminals. People who commit a crime while in the US illegally, not people that were previously criminals (because local police wouldn’t know anyways) or people that are not criminals. The argument is being made that it will increase racial profiling. How? This is an after the fact deal, people. Scenario

  • Man commits crime.
  • Police arrest man.
  • A records search shows illegal status.
  • Man is deported.

THAT is how it works. They don’t go looking for illegal immigrants, it is only if they happen to arrest one. And only in violent crimes.

While I’m on it, racial profiling doesn’t necessarily exist. Social profiling does, however. Block A has high crime. Block A has an extreme amount of people on Welfare. It makes no difference if the people there are white, black, Asian, Mexican, or Indian. The area has high crime becuase the people are poor, and that’s the issue. Besides, if I get a ton a of reports of crime in an area I’m going to be extra watchful when in said area. It makes fucking sense, so shut the fuck up. I was followed by store security many times I was shopping because of how I dressed, but I never complained because I wasn’t doing anything wrong.

Maybe I’m just one of those people, and that doesn’t mean you have to be, but I’m doing nothing wrong so go ahead and investigate me. When you find nothing, move on to the next person. Criminals are not victims and should lose most their rights when they commit a crime. Those are my feelings, at any rate.

As far as deporting illegal immigrants after their sentence is up, I disagree. They should be deported before stepping foot in a US prison. I don’t get free healthcare, food, or housing and I’m not a criminal, pay my taxes, and work for a living. You’re not even a citizen. Fuck you. Given, I don’t want to be in prison, but it amounts to all of that.

The other reason I dislike illegal immigrants is because I feel bad for people that come here legally and have a hell of a time of it. My friend The Cage Fighter is from Bosnia. His parents had a very difficult time coming from a (at the time, though I’m not sure now) war torn country. They are here, they work, they pay taxes, they are Americans through and through. Their efforts are demeaned by people illegally entering the country. I understand your country sucks, I wouldn’t want to live there either.

People that complain, go right ahead. It’s your right. Unless you’re an illegal immigrant. It’s called illegal immigration for a reason.



  1. That’s so true, I think I also told you something along the lines of “If you’re going to live in a country, learn the national language” My friend has family overseas that have been on the waiting list for years, but they can’t come over due to the amount of illegal immigrants here. It fucking unfair.

  2. I agree too, but that wasn’t cited because of the specific nature of the post.

    If I decide to go live in a country speaking another language, I will make the effort to learn it instead of expecting everyone else to cater to my needs. It’s selfish and stupid.

  3. Yes, yes it is. Priory is down also, for good this time?

  4. I think it has finally died completely. Such is life.

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