kudos to me

July 12, 2007

Yesterday I get home and I’m waiting for the ex to bring our son. I needed to get the practice time in, so I picked up the bass, flipped on the amp, and rocked out to a bunch of different songs. When the ex and son showed up I was just at the tail end of Can’t Stop. I kept going, because I hate to not be able to finish a song.

Then the ex says “You’re getting good.” Brightened the day up more. I think she doesn’t think I’ll stick with it long enough to actually get good, so that was the best thing she could ever say to me. I enjoy the hell out of it, and as long asd I can afford it, I will be playing the bass.

I set a goal of being a mediocre player, and I think I’ve achieved that. Have a long way to go before I reach good, but I have nowhere to go but up. Now to get this song written by the end of the month. Bass I can do, but lyrics are beyond me still.


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