Song 1 is a hit

July 9, 2007

Well, with people that hear it that I know. Maybe they’re just being nice, but normally they’re not ones to sugarcoat things. The main theme seems to be “It has potential.” Now to utilize that. I like it a lot, and as we work on it more I like it more. It’s simple, but that’s fine for now. I’m not Flea people, though I can now play Can’t Stop pretty damned well.

I see in the future a stage. The drummer starts beating away, clad in metal and black, mohawk defying gravity. Then the guitar starts, and Sasquatch towers in his black t shirt and jeans, metal glittering on eyebrows, belt, boots, and other various areas. Then the spotlight is on me. Looking bored in my plain green tshirt, bootcut blue jeans, and pinstriped canvas shoes.

Yes, I would be out of place but honestly, I like the idea of that. Visually it would be a WTF moment for the crowd, I hope. I don’t however expect that to ever happen. It is nice to dream, though. And in those dreams I never sell out and pander to current trends. I’m just me, now and forever.

For now I’m content to just sit in my living room, fucking around, and making music. One a month is a nice goal for now. They will all be simple, but the journey’s what matters most not the destination.


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