life without a phone

July 9, 2007

You know what’s really strange? Living without something that you did just fine without for years before it’s introduction. Like a cell phone. Or a phone at all.

The telephone is relatively young technology, so people lived without for many many years just fine. I lived without it for many years, caring not for the method. If I wanted to tal to someone, I just waited until I saw them or tracked them down and went to them. Now it’s a different story. It’s all about convenience, I know, but it’s so damned inconvenient it’s unbelievable.

For example, communicating with the ex to set up a day with our son. With phone: Call until she answers or leave a message. Without: Send email and hope she gets it, then writes back. So inconvenient and frustrating. I know she has a life to live but when I say “Watch your email” I damned well mean it! (not that I’m mad at ya, just saying it can be the most frustrating thing) Could I just show up? Sure, but in the modern age it seems a little rude to me. I’d hate to be there at a bad time, hence calling first to make sure nothing important is happening. Besides, I hate going over there for personal reasons.

Besides that, I can’t get a job easily. I have to go back to Marshal’s (where I applied for the part time position) and inquire about it again, and hope they didn’t fill it yet. The last few times I did so the lady wasn’t there and I had to go home, second jobless.

Don’t get me started on booty calls. -.- (yes I have the opportunity to make those again, but that’s another story for another time)

So life is very inconvenient right now. Because I don’t have a telephone. A lot like air conditioning, you can surely live without it. But why would you want to. Truth be told, it also makes me feel weak and too dependent on technology. If I were suddenly to be without all modern conveniences I would be dead in a month, if not a week. This does not bode well for survival after armageddon.


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