hairspray and originality

July 6, 2007

Now, I know about Hairspray. Great movie I remember seeing a few times in my life, and starred Divine. How could it lose with the world’s most famous crossdresser? Then a few years back it hit Broadway to critical acclaim. And why wouldn’t it? And now it’s coming back to theaters in an all new version. See the original, people.

While talking about Divine, I must also mention the ridiculous western comedy Lust in the Dust. A man searches for a map, only to find it is split into two halves. Tattooed, a half each, on the asses of two sisters. It’s just a good old fun silly movie.

This of course leads to the issue of movies becoming Broadway musicals and returning in film format. The Producers is a prime example. I hear now that Young Frankenstein is having the same treatment soon. I say fuck that, unless you can raise Peter Boyle from the dead to play the monster again and get Gene Wilder to be the good Dr. Neither of those is likely to happen.

Why are we obsessed with taking the old and making it new again? Remaking movies and updating the content (Rear Window is Suburbia. Go watch Hitchcock’s original featuring Jimmy Stewart)? usually this turns out horrible. Transformers is a live action movie, and I hear it’s good for a change. I have no issue with remaking/updating something as long as it’s done well, but much like most comic book based movies they are usually worthless.

I know why we do this, though. There is not a single original idea left in Hollywood. Or on TV for that matter. Music is even worse, with most bands in any given genre sounding nearly exactly the same. What has happened to cause this? I don’t know. I’m not exactly free of this, either. My blog is like lots of others, with many cliche statements and events involved. But I’m not selling it to you guys. That’s the difference.

Where can you find fresh content and good remakes/spoofs of old content? Online. Youtube. Google Video. Everywhere on the web people are taking original ideas and making them for us to see. The only problem is wading through the horrible (like an X-Men vs Predator fan film) to get the gems buried deep within (look for the iChannel videos on youtube). I don’t go to the movies, because I’ve seen many of the films a thousand times. I don’t buy a CD that sounds like every other one and really only has the one or two good songs. I don’t watch TV until Heroes starts up again (or Scrubs). I will not pay to see the crap they tell us is good because it’s just like last year’s hit movie/song/show/game/book/whatever.

Then again, maybe there’s only so many stories to be told in the Universe. I hope not, cause I’d hate to think Fall Out Boy is the best we’ll ever come up with.


One comment

  1. Amen brotha-man! Just look at Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory. The original is a classic and one of my favorite movies of all time. Then they remade it and turned it into what is sure to become a cult classic for all the weirdos out there. It was horrible and a complete butcher of the first!!! If you disagree, you’re one of the weirdos! 🙂

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