walin’s ghetto ramen

June 26, 2007

Ramen. You know it, and have likely eaten it if you were ever in college. I like it a lot. But honestly, the image here is of real ramen and very different from your typical “done in three minutes” packet deal.

Typically, it is served in a broth that is very fatty and flavoured with pork. The noodles are placed in said broth and various things added depending on the style. Barbecue pork, and egg, sprouts, and tofu are common.

Several years back I made my first batch of Walin’s Ghetto Ramen to spice it up a little, though it could use some refinement. The idea is the same, though. Meat and broth and noodles.

Walin’s Ghetto Ramen


  1. 1 packet ramen
  2. half a smoked sausage
  • Take the half a smoked sausage and cut into slices. Not too thick, because that will extend cooking time.
  • Over medium heat, cook smoked sausage slices until browned. This actually seems to caramelize  the things, making them even sweeter. Cooking times vary, but you’ll know when they’re done.
  • Prepare ramen according to direction on package and your own taste.
  • Add sausage.
  • Eat

Simple, but pretty good. I haven’t done much in the way of experimenting with this, though I imagine adding to it is easy. I’m not so good at creating recipes, though. Try it and tell me what you think, and if you have changes you made that worked add those here.




  1. Walin, that looks pretty gross.

  2. You should se it when I make it. 😀 The ex knows. lol It is very tasty though.

    This one has spices and special noodles and shit. Never had it myself.

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