special announcement

June 23, 2007

This special announcement is to clear up any possible confusion that may be coming about because of posts involving my ex, money, and the bass.

She didn’t force me to cancel subscriptions and return the bass. I did those of my own free will because it was necessary to keep a dire situation from becoming worse. When I complain about her and it involves these things, it is because she looks on disapprovingly. This is because of the money being spent in such a way, not because of what it is, when I am having a hard time making things work. Like helping pay our son’s daycare bill.

The thing I don’t think she understands is just how boring things can get. None of which is her fault, nor do I blame her for any of it. The truth is, leaving me was good for both of us in the end. Sure, she made out a little better but that doesn’t change the fact that  I have grown emotionally as a person.

I just need to grow the bank account and be better with money.

Hope that clears things up.

This has been a special announcement. We now return you to you regularly scheduled whining…



  1. *wary eye*

    You know me well enough to know I can see through a pile of shit like that, HOWEVER, to keep things easy on you I will say:

    “Oh ok. Hope it all works out”

  2. Isn’t it interesting how people think they know situations so well when they have no idea? Maybe this is because of what you are telling these people??? I know that you are not a liar, so I assume it is what you are leaving out. The normal “playing the victim” stunt. Or perhaps it is that these people think it’s ok to put themselves first and make their children lesser priorities as well? I don’t know…and I won’t jump to assumptions like that.

  3. I figured you were making him feel guilty, I don’t know you, nor do I claim to know the situation. I don’t care to know all the details as well.

    I know one thing however, I was a single parent for 5 years. 5 years. You will loose your sanity if you don’t give yourself a perk here and there. That is my concern for wailin.

    Good day.

  4. Actually, now that I think about it. The only reason I responded in the first place is because for some odd reason, wailin felt he had to make this announcement to “clear things up”….

    why in the world would he feel he needs to do that? I haven’t talked to him about this situation in well over a week, maybe even 2. So, when I see this suddenly brought up again it makes me wonder what is truly going on.

  5. “Wailin” doesn’t feel guilty about anything. If he did, he would change a few things…like his priorities.

    My mom was a single mom until the day I moved out. She never received one dime from my piece of shit “father”. She had hoped for so much better for me. Well, I can say that our son receives a LOT of love from his father. He just doesn’t get any financial support. Luckily, our lives don’t depend on it.

    And he decided to “clear things up” because of the comments made on his Special Announcement. Trust me, I want “Wailin” to live a wonderfully happy life. That is a dream of mine for him. I want him to have love, money, and contentment in his life. However, it hurts me for my son when “Wailin” spends all of his extra money on completely frivolous things. And trust me Josy, there are a lot of things…not just his bass (which he got rid of for one day before renting again) and online game subscriptions.

    He and I can be the best of friends, or the worst of enemies. Either way, he’s in my life to stay so I just wish there were a few things that we could compromise on.

    At the end of the day, I care about him. As long as he continues to love our son and treat him wonderfully, I will get over everything else and be perfectly content.

  6. Cat fight… very nice. 😛

  7. wailin ;/

    Thats pretty much all I have to say. I have no need or want to get in arguements over YOUR life with you EX. I made the comments based on what I know of you, and she based hers on what she knows.

  8. No, this is not a cat fight. I am not upset in the least with Josy because she is going on what she hears straight from the horses mouth. I just get really tired of seeing people upset with me because of what “Wailin” complains about when he intentionally leaves out crucial details. Forever the same.

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