online dating: the date

June 19, 2007

DISCLAIMER: All information, tips, suggestions, dos, and don’ts here come from my own experience and/or theories about dating in general. Do not blame me if you have a bad experience. I am not an expert, and if someone says they are RUN AWAY.

So you’ve made it this far. You’ve come a long way, friend. You’ve agonized through the initial stages, found someone worthwhile, and now you’re meeting them for the first time. Now comes the question of what do you do. I will say, it depends on you and the person. While everything up until now has been fairly universal there are always exceptions. Dating is all exceptions. You never quite know what someone will like until you’ve talked to them at length, and even then you don’t with some people. But I do think for a first date there are a few general ideas that can apply to any dating situation.

Take it to a public place.
Sure, you’ve been talking to this person for X amount of days/weeks/hours/months but honestly, better safe than sorry. For both of you. You take pressure off things by being in public and ensure that there are witnesses in the event of your own untimely demise. Always tell a friend who you’re with and what you’re doing. They may turn out to be a psycho killer later, but they usually start out as caring, affectionate mates.

Conversation is key
Communication is key, that should say. A tip that can be applied to every aspect of life in which you deal with another person. No matter how long you’ve been talking on the phone do NOT go to a movie. “Hey, it’s nice to meet you face to face finally. Now let’s go sit in a dark room and focus on a movie instead of each other.” No dice. There’s a plethora of things to do where you can talk to each other while enjoying an activity or just talk and sip coffee. Try to find and share an experience. Me and LA had an amazing experience the first time we met, and I know I at least will never forget it.

Don’t get drunk. Nuff said. Someone will be driving if you have other destinations and hardly anybody is impressive when they’re smashed. Impaired judgement can lead to things not so great too.

If you get bad gas, no Mexican food. Lactose intolerant but love cheese? Too bad, so stay away from The Melting Pot. You want a good first impression and don’t want to be remembered for explosive diarrhea.

It’s really all up to the individual. I can’t think of every scenario possible, but these are basic ideas that should help. Common sense, they are, but sometimes people don’t think things through. Maybe your date does think farts are hilarious, so whatever you think is good is fine.

Best first date I went on involved dinner, pool, and later drinks. Waiting for our food gave us time to talk, pool allowed for more talk with an activity involved, and drinks later was just relaxing and a good way to end the night.

Good luck.


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