making the band… more…

June 5, 2007

I posted a video by the Protomen. I’m inspired by their sound. I guess it’s an outlaw country/rock epic sound. Either way, I found myself playing yesterday and sounded a lot like them. It’s actually a good thing though, because I’ve been better able to pick out the bass from music. I’m getting better at recreating it, too. Maybe not exact, but close enough to count. That’s progress in my book.

The place I’m having problems is making words fit in. Not that I’m an amazing lyricist, but I like to try. More difficult than it seems, honestly. It’s easy to hear a song and have it down, harder to make that song. But I am still enjoying it, so who knows. I’ve done pretty well for only a month playing. Wonder what instrument is next. Always liked the piano… 😀

In other news, nothing happened. I cleaned up my apartment, but didn’t vaccuum yet. I’m planning to make some chicken and dumplings soon. Never made it before, but it should be good. I woke up on time today. Still have LA on my mind, but it’s subsiding some. I left my phone at home and now I wonder if she’ll call today and I won’t get it. Then again, does it really matter? All I will get in the end is noncommittal confirmation of feelings that may or may not be real. And whether they’re real or not she will still be in LA, so it doesn’t make a difference. I just wish I could have made it work or she was much closer. Then again, shoulda, woulda, coulda never made a bit of difference in the world. Such is life.


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